Kidney Diet – 5 Tips for a Healthy Kidney Diet

A kidney diet helps kidneys maintain optimal performance. Maintaining a good renal diet extends the usefulness and well-being of the kidneys and the individual concerned. Kidney diets become more important when kidneys are diseased or malfunctioning.

Kidneys are small organs that act as filters in our body. Their main function is to purify and cleanse our blood. This is accomplished by the removal of excess water, toxins and other harmful waste products. Together they constitute what is known as urine which is then passed to the bladder. In time, urine is removed through urination.

If kidneys do not function well, severe body disorders and possibly death could be the result. Symptoms such as blood poisoning, water retention, reduced blood cell production (anaemia), lethargy and fatigue are some of the main discomforts of kidney failure. Therefore one should always try to stick to a healthy kidney diet so as to lead a healthy life and prevent kidney disease.

Here are 5 tips for a healthy kidney diet:

  • Cut down on fatty foods to reduce cholesterol. In addition to minimizing kidney disease, you also reduce the possibility of heart attacks and strokes.
  • Reduce obesity by watching your calories. Live a healthy lifestyle by doing more physical exercise, less over-eating and other healthy activities. Additionally, you also avoid other distasteful and life-threatening sicknesses.
  • Table salt intake should be avoided completely or greatly reduced. Table salt is known to increase blood pressure and put pressure on the kidneys to work harder.
  • Drink more water as this helps the kidneys to perform better.
  • Finally, put away dark colas, spirits and alcohol or at least reduce the amount you consume.

And how do you benefit by doing all these?

None of the above requires a higher budget so a healthy renal diet is very possible. All supermarkets stock these food items mentioned above, close to where you live. Exercising can be obtained using free or paid methods. Going for walks is free so is running in the street. Using a gym or buying a treadmill requires money. The choice is yours. Willpower is needed and the urge to start and continue exercising. Nothing drastic, just 30 minutes a day is what most doctors recommend. There is really no excuse not to follow healthy kidney diets.

A hidden benefit of the above is that your overall health will improve and you will feel better. Basically you hit two birds with one stone. A healthy kidney diet will keep your kidneys healthy and you also gain a healthier lifestyle.